Does a Black Siamese Cat Really Exist?


When we think of Siamese cats, we think of those tan and black felines with the distinct-shaped heads and piercing almond eyes. With Halloween only a day away, black cats are all that is on our minds right now, which begs the question: Can a black Siamese cat really exist? In short, yes – genetically, Seal Point Siamese cats are black cats. After all, Siamese cats come in a variety of colors, though the most common are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. The tan/cream bodied Siamese cats with the dark-black color on their noses, ears and tails is often due to their Himalayan gene, which causes partial albinism. While normally Siamese cats tend to be tan/cream or a mix of tan and black, there are several different types of colors when it comes to these felines. You can also mate a black cat with a Siamese cat and end up with black Siamese kittens.

Those who own black Siamese cats can attest that these cats are loyal, talkative, and are highly intelligent. They are very affectionate cats who actually behave more like a dog than a cat. They are generally good-natured and tend to bond powerfully with their humans, especially if they were raised as kittens and handled by them regularly. The same can be said for other cats and even dogs in their households. They make great pets for practically anybody. These adorable and beautiful felines

Here are some little-known facts about black Siamese cats:

– While they do exist, these felines are quite rare to find.

– All-black Siamese cats are not purely traditional Siamese; they are actually Seal Point Siamese.

– You can tell a black cat is Siamese only based on its eyes – all Siamese cats have striking blue eyes.

– If you are looking for a true black cat with a Siamese temperament and the same body shape, your best bet is an Oriental cat.

(Photo Source: Frank Dawes)

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