Black and White Cat Rescued After Being Found on the Roof


While some of us can admit we have done some pretty outrageous things, literally ending up on the roof is probably not one of them. There are probably very few who can say they’ve done this – one of them being a cat! A black and white cat spent the night on the roof of the Salutation Inn in Nantgaredig. Before being found on the roof, the feline was said to be missing for days prior. His owner tried to entice the cat with some strong smelling food, but to no avail – so the RSPCA had to be called.

Rohan Barker, an inspector for the RSPCA, arrived on the scene and seeing the cat, he realized he would need some additional assistance. Calling on the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, the rescuers approached the cat and unfortunately he got so spooked, he climbed up the chimney stack and fell down the chimney!

Luckily for the curious cat, a bird’s nest blocked the chimney and a fire fighter was able to poke the cat to safety with a swan hook and a net. The cat was saved, examined for injuries and, when deemed safe, was returned to his very-relieved owners.

Inspector Barker said: “I think this cat might have used a few of his nine lives but luckily was unharmed by his adventure! I am so grateful to Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue who as usual were great and we couldn’t have got the cat down without their help.”

Image via South Wales Evening Post


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