Blind Cat Named Mr. Magoo Leaves an Artistic Legacy Behind

Mr. Magoo

When it comes to fine art, many of us probably wouldn’t think about cats.  But the feline in this next story just happens to produce some really great works of art.  But sadly after leading a very full life, the cat named Mr. Magoo has passed on.  Thankfully he leaves behind his artwork and a legacy that many cats never get to enjoy.

It all started when the blind Mr. Magoo was given to a Fresno California no kill shelter.  The cat was in very bad shape and had gone blind due to an untreated upper-respiratory infection.  This owner surrendered feline, had a long road to recovery and never regained his vision.  But that didn’t stop this cheerful cat from warming the hearts of many people.

During his stay at the shelter the staff began to experiment with paw painting.  While some of the other cats didn’t enjoy the activity, Mr. Magoo seemed to love it. He took to painting very quickly and he made many different paw print works of art over time.

These painting were sold by the staff of the rescue group, to help raise funds for the shelter.  These paintings also help to raise awareness that there are cats with special needs.  These very sweet animals are also looking for homes.  Many cats have been adopted over the years, thanks to the art work that they produce.  Mr. Magoo and several other cats in the shelter have painted lots of different works of art over the years.

But sadly Mr. Magoo has passed away leaving only his artwork behind.  His death was related to kidney problems, which often plague older animals.  While Mr. Magoo never found a home to call his own, he was resting well at a foster home.

This famous feline will surely be missed and his love will still be enjoying for many years to come through his artwork.  The staff of the shelter hated to see one of their favorite felines pass away, but realize that he is in a much better place now.  For more information on this story please check out the video below.

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