Blind Kitten Finds a Home after Thousands of Facebook Shares


It’s no surprise that we keep an updated Facebook page and post to it on a regular basis.  Not only does it keep the Kittentoob name in good standing.  It also does a great deal of good for the cat community at large.  Take this story for example.  The little blind kitten you see above found a home within a day of his photo being posted to Facebook.

Orange County Animal Services posted Murdock’s photo to Facebook Wednesday, writing: “We have a unique kitty in need of a special home. Meet Murdock (A324347)! He’s a 2-month-old friendly blind kitten. He loves to be held and petted. He is currently available for adoption at Orange County Animal Services.”

The post was liked over 1000 times and shared nearly 3000 times.  The shelter received a number of inquires about the special needs kitty.  Murdock only weighs 1.13 pounds so the new owner was required to be close to the shelter because he has to be adopted on a “foster to adopt” basis which means he would need regular vet checks and weigh-ins.  2 lbs is the required weight for a full adoption to take place. The shelter can only offer foster to adopt with in-county adoptions.

Recently, OCAS announced that Murdock had found his family, writing: “Murdock, the blind kitten, has received an adoption application after this family saw him on Facebook! Thank you to those who shared his post. “For those that inquired about adopting, we have more than 200 unique cats and kittens looking for new homes!”

The Sentinel named Orlando resident Kelly Melchiorre as Murdock’s adopter and says she turned up at the shelter early Thursday morning with her 1-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter

“I saw the post last night and the second I saw the picture I knew I had to have him,” Kelly told the Sentinel. She said she was drawn to Murdock because of his cute face and his special needs status. Murdock will join the Melchiorres other pets, a cat and a basset hound-black Lab mix dog.


Commenting on Murdock’s mellow nature, Kelly told the Sentinel: “As soon as you hold him he just melts into you.”

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