Bobbi Recovering after Surviving Two Maul Attacks from a Bobcat


When someone mentions the word Bobcat, the first thing that comes to my mind is a wild cat that is almost twice the size of a domestic cat.  These creatures are also well-known for their important role in controlling pest.  This wild feline is a predator and prefers hunting rabbits and hares.  But it does hunt anything from insects to chickens and even a domestic cat.  The next story is about a cat that was attacked brutally by a bobcat not once but twice.

Bobbi, a Minnesota cat, was attacked twice by its cousin who is a bobcat.   The poor feline suffered severe injuries from the attack where her face was mauled badly, as you can see from the picture above.  She was found with cuts and wounds in a snow blanket.  The big and somewhat deep cut in her face suggests that the attacker was planning on eating her face first.  Bobbi’s ears, legs and tail which she might lose, are also injured from the incidents.  She is also fighting frostbite that might cause her some of her toes.  According to reports, the kitty’s internal organs are not injured.

Currently, Bobbi is staying at the Furr-Ever Home Rescue.  She will stay at the shelter until she gets better.  The rescue group set up a fundraising page for her and you can show your support to Bobbi by donating to her medical care fund at  I’m sure she will appreciate the help you will give her.

Bobbi also has her own Facebook page where you can follow her, learn more about her and get updates about her recovery.  According to her Facebook page, she is doing well.  Her wounds are healing and she is also settling down in her new foster home.  She sure is showing her new petmom lots of love and she found her a new playmate, which is a stuffed animal.  Bobbi is also enjoying taking a nap in her warm and cozy bed.

As for her attacker, he was captured and was later release to a more appropriate and safe place for him to live.  Hopefully, he will stay in that safe place forever.

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