Bobby Flay’s Cat Taco Has a Crazy Food Obsession


Cat lovers everywhere are quite familiar with celebrity cats, hailing the likes of Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub and catapulting the felines into pop culture superstardom. While many people know and love many of these celeb felines, these “ordinary” cats have become celebrities in their own right – so what about the cats who have been born into (or rather, adopted into) stardom? After all, many celebrities are feline fiends and have cats of their own, such as Taylor Swift’s Meredith and Olivia. One celeb whose cat is destined for stardom much like its owner is Taco. As the cat of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, it comes as no surprise that Taco has a personality as well as a crazy food obsession just like his human dad!

The 22-pound year-old Maine Coon who is Bobby’s “favorite thing in the world” is no stranger to good food, as his grill-master owner undoubtedly has some majorly delicious eats for the feline. Like many cats, Taco has quite the hearty appetite for fish; salmon is his favorite. And he doesn’t eat just any salmon – the kitty loves his canned salmon. One not-so-common food obsession Taco has is slightly out of the ordinary for cats: he just cannot get enough of pita chips! He enjoys the plain ones that the brand Stacy’s makes and even surprised Bobby one day.

“I left a couple on the counter and he just sat there and munched on them,” Bobby said.

For a creature who seems to be around a lot of meat, it seems that Taco is more of a seafood lover than anything else – aside from his penchant for pita chips, of course. While most cats would be satisfied with a sprinkle of catnip as a bit of a treat, Taco has a slightly more refined palette. In fact, Bobby reveals that his kitty has a tooth for some shrimp!

“Just recently we were at a steakhouse and we ordered shrimp cocktail.  [Wife] Stephanie took one home in a napkin—hid it in her bag,” Bobby revealed. “We give Taco shrimp on certain nights—like football Sunday. I’ll slice the shrimp really really fine, I put it on a plate, and he goes nuts.”

Taco sounds like our kind of cat!

(Photo Source: Glamour)

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