Bobcat Kitten Who Was Rescued from a Brush Fire is Doing Much Better


A bobcat kitten was saved after a brush fire in South Florida. The young bobcat was discovered by Barb Walling alone off Daniels Parkway where its habitat, a 550 acres land was destroyed by a brush fire. At the time of rescue, the kitten was said to be very scrawny and dehydrated from not being able to eat and drink properly for the past few days. “He literally face planted in his first bowl of food and licked it clean,” Walling told KOAA News. The five week-old bobcat sustained minor injuries from the fire, burnt paw pads, and was taken into the care CROW or Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife located in Sanibel, Florida for rehabilitation. According to CROWS YouTube video description, despite of his injuries “the kitten was responsive, feisty and had a healthy appetite and was immediately given fluids to help with his dehydration and food.” Vets are using ointment to treat the feline’s singed paw pads. They are also nursing the animal through bottle feeding. The baby bobcat’s condition is continuously improving.

The baby bobcat is not the only bobcat in the clinic. Another bobcat who is about the same age as his is also at the clinic. The two spends time together which is really good for both of them because they’ll be able to identify themselves and learn how to be a bobcat. It will help them later when they will be release back to the wild. Doctor Heather Barron, a vet and hospital director of CROW said, “With any luck he’ll be a productive member of wildlife society one day. What we’ll do is raise it here and actually we’re kind of lucky because there’s another bobcat kitten that’s roughly the same age. Vets at the clinic are considering transferring the young bobcat to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa when the animal is grown because their facility has tons of space for the animal to run around.

An update on the baby bobcat was posted on CROW’s Facebook page on June 3. The clinic wrote: “Baby bobcat (15-1646) from the Fort Myers brush fire is gaining weight and eating from his dish (soaked kitten chow w/milk). Soft mouse pieces are his favorite! He and his current roommate baby bobcat (15-1536) are interacting in a positive manner.”  We are glad that the baby bobcat is doing well at the clinic.  Hopefully, his paws will heal pretty soon so he’ll be able to get around without hurting. Thanks to his rescuers and to the staff of CROW for taking good care of the young animal. To learn more about the baby bobcat, please visit

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