Body Camera Reveals Police Saving Woman and Her Cat from House Fire


Recent footage from a dramatic rescue has been circulating the internet.  A body camera reveals a police officer who first arrived on the scene of a house fire, saving a woman and a cat from the raging blaze.  When officer Michael Gengler first got to the location, the woman and her cat was trapped in the burning building.  The officer knew he had to do something fast or they would surely burn to death in the fire.  Risking his own life, Gengler used a tool to break a window in the room the woman and the cat was trapped in.

He then got the woman to come closer to the window, in hopes that he could pull her to safety.  The woman is breathing, but is moving really slowly due to the smoke that was in the room.  After the officer got the glass from around the window, he then reached inside to try and help the woman out of the house.  Another officers arrives and stands by to help.  After the first officer safely pulls the woman out of the window, the other officer helps bring her to the ground.  Then you can hear a cat meowing from inside of the home.

The officer calls for the cat to come to the window.  The cat meows loudly and comes closer to the window.  The officer then grabs the cat and helps him out of the house.  The officer allows the cat to jump to the ground, were he runs to safety.  If not for this brave officer, surely both the woman and the cat would have not made it out of the home.  The woman who is 78, is very thankful that the officer saved both her life and the life of her pet.  This man is a real hero and he should be look at as so.  Each day  police, paramedics and firefighters put their lives on the line to save others.  This story had a happy ending thanks to one of those brave souls.  If you would like to watch the rescue, you can find the video located at the link below this article.

ABC US News | World News

Image via Brookings  County Sheriff’s Department 

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