Bomb Squad Called in to Check a Suspicious Box but What was Inside Amazed Them

Bomb squad kittens

These days everyone seems to be on high alert.  While finding an unattended package can be very dangerous and should always be reported to the proper authorities, sometimes strange things can be found inside that are not dangerous.  While many times these packages are blow up for the safety of all that’s around, luckily the box in this next story didn’t wind up this way.

The box in this next story was found located outside of a social security center in the Florida county of Brevard, last Friday morning. The police were called and the bomb squad unit rolled into action.  While the situation was very tense at first, when they looked inside the package something amazing was found.

To their surprise the members of the bomb squad found two kittens that jumped out of the box.  This really startled the team members, but they were very happy to find that no bomb was part of the package.  Instead two very adorable kittens were inside trying their best to get out.

While the team had x-rayed the box prior to opening it, one team member was still seen jumping up when the cats immerged.  This was all caught on camera by some of the bystanders, who were watching at a safe distance.

The bomb squad takes every suspicious package very seriously, even if it only contains two sweet little kittens.  Luckily this story had a happen ending and no one was injured during this tense standoff.  No one knows who placed these kittens inside of a taped up box, but authorities will surely look deeper into the incident.  I wonder who would do such a mean thing to these poor little animals?

While one of the kittens go away and ran into the nearby woods, the other kitten was safely recovered and is now up for adoption.  Even though this was a very cute story, make sure to always report unattended packages to your local police department.  You could end up saving many lives by doing so. There just might be a trapped animal inside and the only way to know is to let the professionals handle the situation.

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