A Brave Housecat Who is Ready to Tangle with a Mountain Lion

mountain lion

When it comes to bravery some cats will run at any sign of danger.  But not this kitty!  As you can see there is a beautiful white and gray cat sitting in what appears to be a living room.  This scenic room with a view has a very large window that is overlooking a beautiful backyard.  The home is in the mountains and it appears that a visitor has arrived at the home.  But the big guy that came to pay a visit isn’t the neighbor.  Nope, the large creature is a mountain lion!

The big cat walks up to the smaller feline who is looking out of the window but the small house cat seems unfazed.  This brave little kitty is staring the mountain lion down and does not seem one bit afraid.  The kitty is standing his ground and protecting his home at all costs.  But there is another cat in the back ground who is very scared of the mountain lion and hides until he is gone.  When the mountain lion does walk away the other cat works up the courage to come and check out the situation.  But he is very careful in doing so.

As the brave cat stands his ground with the mountain lion the big cat paws at the window trying to get inside.  But this doesn’t concern the tiny feline and he didn’t move a muscle.  The cat actually seems to be fascinated by the larger animal and looks at him with a sense of wonder.  Maybe this house cat wonders what it’s like to be so huge.  No matter the reason the house cat is staring at the mountain lion and it is very interesting to witness.  The mountain lion doesn’t get inside and he looks very disappointed that he couldn’t.  The big cat walks away from the house and makes his way up the hill side.  The large feline turns around as he is walking away and looks back at the house as if he is saying that he will be back later.  So if you want to see this amazing video you can find it located below this article.

Image via YouTube.com

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