How do You Break a Cat’s Door Dashing Habit?

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Keeping your cat inside can help increase its life span and even protect him from infectious diseases, parasites, predators, cars, toxin and many more dangerous things. Of course, cats love racing through the house and out the door. For them, door dashing seems like a great way to escape and get to where all the action is at. It’s tough sometimes to stop a determined and swift kitty from dashing out the door, but for their safety, it needs to be done. How could you attempt to do this?

Here are some ways you can stop your cat from door dashing:

– Create a cat barricade. Your barricade cannot be easily jumped over – after all, cats are amazingly limber and swift. It can be either inside or outside the house, or even both.

– Spray bottle training. This works best in conjunction with a cat barricade. Set up a barricade outside of the closed door, with a safe area for if the cat dashes out. Of course, some cats don’t mind getting wet and this only works if your cat doesn’t like it. Open the door, and when it dashes out, you spray it – it’s guaranteed that they will heavily dislike it.

– Give them an alternate entrance. In having just one door to go in and out of, your smart cat puts two and two together, realizing that there’s only one way in and one way out of it. If you have more than one doorway into your house, just alternative which feline will go in and out of.

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

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