In Britain, an Election is Being Held for Politicians’ Cats

Billy 2

Earlier this year, 6 British MP’s put up their beloved feline friends as candidates for the 2015 Westminster Cat of the Year.  This prestigious annual competition is run by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, an organization devoted to help cats and dogs in need.  Every year, six felines compete for the renowned title.  To win public votes, each candidate writes a platform and use it to convince the voters to vote for them.  But it’s not all about the manifesto, their cuteness also matters when it comes to winning the public votes.  Without further ado, we present to you the adorable candidates for this year’s Westminster Cat of the Year.


The first candidate is Archie.  He is the cat of Stephen Hammond MP.  This lovely feline believes that his charm is more than enough to win the election.  Archie’s manifesto tells about his background and how he ended up in Wimbledon.  In his platform he wrote: “I was born in Portugal and abandoned in a cardboard box. I made a lot of noise until I was noticed. Six weeks, a pet passport and lots of jabs later I arrived in Wimbledon. How’s that for freedom of movement in the EU!”


The second candidate is Billy.  He is the gorgeous kitty of Annette Brooke MP.  Billy wrote his manifesto cleverly, he wrote:

Billy is the name
 A rescue cat with a mission
 To make life purr-fect
 Through my paw-licies
 Edu-CAT-ion for all
 Rewards and good food
 Safe and warm homes
 Equality and rights
 A Manifursto for love and care”

Mango 1

The third candidate is Mango.  This cute orange tabby is the cat of Simon Kirby MP.  He described himself as “a born leader” that will work hard once he is elected.


Rigel is the fourth candidate and he is the precious cat of Caroline Spelman MP.  He is the only candidate that didn’t write his platform in first person.  Rigel was described as the “purrrrfect political cat”.


Tibbs who lives in the home of Mark Spencer MP is the fifth candidate.  His manifesto includes “fighting for the return of free milk”.


The last candidate is Ripley, the cat of Graeme Morrice MP.  Part of his platform is to “fight for feline equality” and he will work to make good and affordable cat food available to all felines.

All of the candidates are adorable cats but only one of them can claim victory.  And the lucky feline is Billy, the cat of Annette Brooke MP.  Billy won after obtaining 23% of the public vote.  Congrats to Billy and to his owner!

Images via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

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