Brunhilda was Found on the Streets Dragging Herself by her Front Legs But Watch Her Recovery Transformation

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A cat now named Brunhilda, was found trying to drag herself down the street using her front legs.  The determined feline was doing all she could to survive.  When found, she had really bad injuried hind legs and could not use them.  In tons of pain, the cat was in bad need of medical attention.  Someone seen the cat and called the local Humane Society for help. The rescue group quickly came to the cats aid and took her in.

Brunhilda was taken to an animal hospital, where she had to undergo four surgeries.  This put tons of stress on the feline, who had already been threw a lot.  But it wasn’t going to stop this kitty from fighting for her life and pulling threw.  She had one of her legs removed because it was so badly damage.  Now the feline is doing much better and she is working toward her recovery.  She was fitted for an prosthetic and is now learning how to walk on it.  She is currently being taken care of by a foster parent, who is making sure this strong kitty is getting all the attention she needs.  It will not be long before the cat will be ready to find a forever home.

In the video that is located below, you will see this beautiful cats story and watch her learn how to walk all over again.  She can be seen walking on a tredmill and she looks like she is doing a great job!  This is amazing to watch and it will bring a smile to your face, when you see how determined this feline is.  Many cats would simply give up, but this kitty has the will of a tiger. In a few short months Brunhilda will find a forever home and she will never have to worry about having to roam the streets again.  Whoever gets this lovely cat will be very lucky to have her in there home.  Please watch the video before you go, so you too can witness this amazing animal.

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