California Cafe Puts Cats Among Patrons to Spur Adoptions

Cat in coffee cup

An estimated 1.4 million cats are euthanized every year, which is lower compared 10 years ago, according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of New York. Adoption is a great way to help save a cat’s life. You can simply go to local shelters to adopt one. But what if you can go to a nice café to get your next feline friend?

In Oakland, CA you can find a one of a kind café. This café not only serve freshly brewed coffee and handmade bagels, they also have a room with lots of beautiful cats for adoption. The Cat Town Café & Adoption Center who claimed to be the first permanent cat café in the state of California and the entire US. The café is also known for its delicious vegan fig nut pop tarts.

After enjoying a scrumptious grub and hot coffee, customers can then head on to the cat zone. Behind the glass doors is another world with lovely and uncaged cats, which are candidates for adoptions. For $10 anyone can have fun and play with the cats for an hour. Since this cat café opened in late October 2014 they have successfully arranged 52 cat adoptions. So let’s learn some of the wonderful cat adoption stories of this café.

The first story is about Lucia and Eddie Metaire, a project manager at a hotel supply company, spent one Saturday wandering in the cat zone of Cat Café & Adoption Center. He liked the fact that cats at this café aren’t in a cage. An adorable brown tabby named Lucia caught his attention. He enjoyed playing with the tabby and before his one hour playtime was up, he already planned to take Lucia home and gave her a new name as well, Amelie.

Next story is about Mr. Robert McCafferty, a retired computer teach who was looking for another cat to keep his old cat Rudy company. Ann Dunn, a co-founder of the cat café introduced Winston, a playful white cat with black splotches to Mr. McCafferty. The cute and playful feline immediately stole Mr. McCafferty’s heart. In fact, he filled out the adoption papers right away and even borrowed a cat carrier from the café and took Winston home with his wife.

Adopting a cat from the Cat Town Café is easy and affordable. If you adopt one kitty it only cost $50 for the adoption fee and $75 for two. Cats that are suffering from any medical problem won’t cost you a dime. They also offer a return policy only if the cats were found to be “not a good fit”. So if you love cats and want to visit a new kind of café, check out the Cat Town Café.

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