Calm Your Cat with a New Feline Radio Station

There are many situations that can cause a cat stress or anxiety. Moving to a new house or being introduced to a new cat are just two examples of this. Another situation that is known to cause most cats to stress is a visit to the vets. Sometimes a cat even knows they are going to the vets before you even arrive. They may see the cat carrier and instantly associate this with a trip to their most dreaded place. When they become stressed, they can urinate, scratch and bite, or hide to avoid making the trip out of the house.

People have tried many strategies to reduce the level of anxiety their cat feels about making a necessary visit to the vet. While some of these are successful, other cat owners have found that their efforts are to no avail. However, there is now a new way to calm your cat thanks to the creation of a radio station that is especially for cats.

The well-known cat food brand Whiskas is responsible for the launch of the radio station. They recognized that stress before a veterinarian visit was a common problem for cats and wanted to find a way to help feline distress. The aim is to provide cats with soothing music to listen to that will help them keep calm before their appointment.

The radio station is called Cat Calm Radio and it features music written just for cats. David Teie is a composer who writes music that meets the personal preferences of cats. He has used his own research and that of experts to tailor the music to what cats like. His music features appealing sounds, such as suckling milk. This is because cats find that soothing and familiar. It reminds them of when they were kittens and were fed by their mother.

His music is played at the same frequencies as cats use when they are communicating with other cats. Teie’s work is backed by researchers who have found that cats respond well to music that is aimed at them rather than humans. The music composed by Teie meets these requirements in terms of both the sounds used and the frequency at which it is played.

This radio station first went live on August 22, 2018. This was in honor of National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. The radio station also launched its own website. On their website, they claim that they are one of the only radio stations in the world that plays music aimed specifically at animals with the intention of having a calming effect.

It is possible that this music could work in keeping your cat calm, so it is worth a try if your cat usually becomes anxious before a vet’s visit. It certainly won’t do any harm to tune in and let your cat listen to a little feline music.

So far, it has not been proven that the radio station is having the intended effect and keeping cats calm before a trip out. Only time will tell if the radio station is successful and cats respond well to the music they are playing.

If this does not work, there are other strategies that you can use to keep your cat calm before a visit to the vet and reduce their anxiety. One tip is to rub a cloth around your cat’s face to pick up their pheromones. You should then wipe the cloth around the cat carrier to transfer the cat pheromones from the cloth to the carrier. This will make the cat carrier seem like a less threatening place to the cat.

Another tip is to buy a cat calming spray. You can buy these from your vet or some large pet stores. This has synthetic pheromones that reduce anxiety levels in cats and can help to make them feel calmer before their appointment.

How you handle the cat can also make a difference in the way they react. Keep the carrier out of sight and pick up your cat. Next, wrap the cat in a blanket and stroke its head and ears in a soothing manner. This should help to calm your cat and make transferring them to the cat carrier easier.

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