Canadian Campaign Asks that Cat Owners Keep Their Cats Indoors

cat and bird

Your cat might be the love of your life, but in Canada it is a monster that kills. It turns out that in Canada, something like 200 million birds each and every year are killed and taken down by the monsters that are cats that get out of the house and take them down. Nature Canada is now asking that homeowners and cat owners keep their cats away from roaming free so that the birds in Canada can live freely and without worry that they might die at any given moment thanks to the ravenous and wild cats that are outside attacking them. Why is this a problem in Canada but not anywhere else? Additionally, why does anyone consider this a problem when it really is just survival of the fittest? Cats have been hunting birds for longer than we’ve been alive, so why do Canadians suddenly want their birds to live and their cats to go against nature and instinct?

Well, they want to save the birds. It’s not that the campaign wants cats to go against their nature. It simply wants cats that have a home with a loving family who feeds it on a daily basis to stay indoors and not roam free outside so that birds can be saved. The statistics that the Nature Canada program show prove that every cat is equal to 16 bird deaths per year. Canadian friends, please feed your cats indoors and do not allow them to kill all the birds. What will the stray cats eat?     

Photo by Nature Canada


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