Capone is Tough Like His Name, But the Sweetest Rescue Cat Ever


With a name like Capone – yes, named after famed gangster Al Capone – one would think that the feline   attached to the name would be one troubled, angry kitty. Not the case, as proven by the rescue cat from Colorado – he’s one sweet, friendly cat who was found suffering with a broken leg, shivering in the cold last weekend. You can definitely say he’s one tough cookie, though!

In the middle of a snowstorm in Colorado, Lynda Martinez had let her three dogs outside when they all did a double take. Martinez realized they were looking at a bull of fur huddled against the side of the house. It was a cat, and upon seeing the canines, it did not move.

“It was like he had given up and was saying, go ahead. I don’t have the strength to run. He didn’t even hiss at them,” Martinez said.

She took the cat inside and proceeded to warm him up. “He didn’t want me to stop petting him. He’d take his paw and grab my hand back.”

Martinez made a bed in a closed room for the cat and while she knew it was hurt, she didn’t think it was much more than a sprain because it didn’t act like it was in much pain. He was clean and just looked skinny and starved. She didn’t have any cat food stocked, so she fed the feline a meal of lunch meat and grilled chicken – he wolfed it down.

That Monday, Martinez took Capone to Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter. Mary Steinbeiser, who runs the shelter, had Kevin Conrad examine the cat. Conrad is the chief medical officer for Teller County Regional Animal Shelter and is also a veterinarian. Capone’s X-rays show a fracture, which was caused by blunt forced trauma, meaning he could have been run over or kicked by a horse or even a human. His recovery will take weeks, but after that he could possibly be adopted – or his owners could come for him. If the latter is the case, his owners would be responsible for paying the medical bills, including the X-ray fees and the cost of the surgery Capone badly needs.

Martinez says, “I would take him in a heartbeat. He is such a sweetheart.” Unfortunately the kind woman who rescued Capone can’t have cats. Martinez owns the Blue Spruce Caboose Inn, and her guests are sometimes allergic to them.

Currently, Capone is resting at a vet hospital and is awaiting to see a specialist as well as waiting for surgery. The shelter is collecting donations for the cat’s surgery. Checks can be sent to Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, P.O. Box 904, Divide, Co., 80814, or at the shelter’s website.

Image via Colorado Springs Gazette


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