Did This Cartoonist Completely Capture The Agony Of Living With A Cat?

cartoon cat 4

When it comes to cartoons, cats have often been the subject matter.  There is something really funny about cats and putting them in cartoons makes them even more hilarious.  Felines like the famous Garfield the cat have made us laugh over the years.  But one new cartoon artist has taken funny cats to the next level.

As you will see, in a few of his drawings below, cartoonist Claude Combacau from Paris France has put his spin on cat behavior.  These funny drawings remind us that our cats have minds of their own.  Some of the things that these cartoon cats do, often mimic real life.

cartoon cat 1

The cartoon drawing above is really funny.  As you can tell the cat’s owner really doesn’t seem to have a clue.  You see, the cat is trying to eat but the owner keeps annoying the pet.  So the feline responds with a rude comment.

cartoon cat 2

This drawing is a really familiar one.  If you are a cat owner then I am sure that you can relate.  You see, the kitty is sitting on its owners lap and really clawing their legs. Most cats do this and when they do it really hurts.

cartoon cat 3

This cat seems to not really care that his owner has been gone on a long trip.  As the person returns home, they asked the cat if he missed him.  The feline’s response is priceless. As you can tell these works of art are very funny and many of them are true to life.  If you are a cat lover like I am, then you can probably relate to these cartoons.  It’s really amazing how this artist has given cats a voice of their own.  While we might not know what our pet cats are thinking, I am sure that these cartoons are pretty close.

This artist surely does have a future in drawing and I am sure that we will see more of his work in the future.  It takes a special kind of person to be able to capture feline behavior and I am glad that he has chosen cats as his medium.

Images via http://catsas.me

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