Casper the Rescue Cat Looks Pretty Comfy


Casper is a rescue that joined the family of Teri Andersen 13 years ago along with his brother Cody after they bottle-fed and raised them.  Teri tells us that he is still super active and here’s a picture of him resting up after a morning of racing through the house with his latest rescue-sister PeaCe.

We hope that Teri can send some pictures of Casper’s friends.  In the meantime, does Casper sit like this all the time?  It’s adorable.  Plus we’re amazed it’s been 13 years!  Casper must be one of the more resilient kitties around.  For any of you owners out there that have a great story to share please be sure to send us your pics and stories to our Facebook Page for inclusion on the website.

Casper is just one of thousands of cats that get rescued each year and are taken in by generous and loving owners.   If you have a cat that needs help please reach out to us and we can create as much awareness as we can to find your kitty a great home.  Keep doing great things out there cat community!

And Teri, please send us a video of Casper when you get a chance!

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