This Cat Actually Thinks The New Baby Crib Is For Him!


A beautiful three year old cat, whose name is Finn, seems to love one thing in particular. You see, this kitties mom and dad are expecting a child in the near future and have purchased a crib for their new bundle of joy. But Finn seems to think that the new room and crib is all his. Finn’s pet dad, whose name is Max Brown, posted these pictures online and many people have commented on them. While this is cute now, after the baby comes Finn will have to find another place to take a nap. Breaking Finn’s habit of sleeping in the crib, is probably going to be a difficult task.

After posting the pictures of Finn snoozing in the crib, other people have stated they too have ran into this problem. Max has said this about the situation: “Mainly we heard when it was all said and done it ended up not being an issue. But just for good measure my wife is going to ask her dad to build a new kitty bed for him so he doesn’t feel left out.” This is great news for Finn and a new kitty bed might just be the thing that he needs, to feel like a part of this big change that is about to happen. When a new baby enters the home lots of things are going to be different.

The cat who is 20 pounds, could potentially harm the baby if he accidentally jumped on her during the middle of the night. This has concerned the parents and doing something about the problem before the baby arrives is one of their top concerns. After the kitty bed is ready, moving Finn into his new bed should be much easier than trying to make him leave the crib without any where to go. Thankfully these new parents are being proactive about owning a cat with a new baby around. Some new parents think its best to get rid of the cat, but that is certainly not necessary. Finn will remain at home and he will grow up to love his new baby sister.

Image via Max Brown / Via

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