Cat and Baby Talk In the Same Adorable Language

cat and baby

Something we love more than anything around here is a sweet baby and a cat. They are so fun together, and they seem to get along in a way that so many people find impossible. I know so many people in my life who get rid of their cats when they are ready to have a baby. They worry that their cat might affect their pregnancy in a terrible manner (and it is entirely possible if pregnant women are messing with the litter box, which is why my husband takes over that job and always does it when I was pregnant and we had a cat). However, the cat is not going to harm the baby in any way. In fact, some doctors suggest that the earlier a baby is exposed to animals, the less likely that baby is to develop allergies to that animal.

We’ve always had a cat with babies in the house and we’ve never had a problem with it. In fact, our late cat was so in love with our littles that he followed them around the house, slept between their cribs and immediately found a child with an empty lap to climb into when they woke up in the morning. This cat also loves his little one. His little one is one, and he has the same language skills as the baby. It’s so much fun to watch that we just knew we had to bring you this video so you’d smile and laugh the same way we did. Feel good stuff is awesome.

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