Cat Attacks Father Who Might Have Been Hitting the Baby

cat attacks man

In this very controversial video, a father appears to be hitting a baby which is in a cat seat.  But before you get angry and yell at the computer screen, the man is only pretending.  While this isn’t something very funny to do, what happens next in the video will shock you. You see, there is a very watchful feline lurking in the shadows and it is about to standup for the child.  During the video, the father taps on the car seat and says some words to the child that the cat simply doesn’t like.  Fearful that the baby is being abused, the cat springs into action.

At first the cat warns the man with a simple bite on the arm.  But after the father doesn’t stop playing around, the cat unleashes a real attack.  Clawing and biting the man’s arm, the cat takes this situation very seriously. The man doesn’t seem to learn his lesson and pushes the cat away. But after another round of attacks, the man finally gives in to the cat and backs away from the baby.  While many of us would expect this protective behavior from a dog, not many would suspect a cat.  It is wonderful knowing that this baby has a feline that is so very protective.  I can imagine that this cat will always be by this child side, no matter what the situation.

While the man pretending to hit the baby is not something I condone, watching the cat jump into action is very fun to watch.  I can imagine that this cat has a lot of love for the tiny baby and will protect the child no matter what is happening.  This brave cat is proof that felines can be just as loyal as dogs are. Take a minute out of your day and watch the video.  While it may be a bit shocking, it will bring you joy inside seeing this cat be so protective of the helpless baby.  Not many cats would have the courage to stand up to a much larger person, but this cat did and it was awesome.

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