Cat “Billie Jean” is Saved from the Cold and Frostbite

Frostbite cat

When the weather outside drops below freezing, it’s not only us humans that suffer.  Most cats have heavy fur coats, but it’s still not enough to keep the cold out.  Many of these animals get left out in the cold by their careless owners and some are strays that don’t have a place to call home. The cat in this next story sadly was a victim of the cold weather, but luckily for her she was able to make it to safety.  She recently arrived at a garage in the area of Frenchtown, were she was seen by someone that was going to get her some real help.

After someone contacted the Tabby’s Place cat sanctuary, they rushed to save the animal.  With them, they brought food and a trap.  Very injured, the feline now named Billie Jean went into the trap and they were able to bring her back to their facilities for treatment. When Billie Jean arrived at the sanctuary, she was treated for frostbite.  While she has to have some of her toes removed, she is doing much better than before.  Her health is slowly starting to recover and she is warming up to the staff of the facility.

This once very shy kitty, is now giving lots of love to the people that saved her life.  She will be able to remain at the cage-free no kill sanctuary for as long as she want too, free of charge.  This is really great news for the cat and now she will never have to worry about being left out in the cold again. While this story started out bad, it really has a happy ending.  Many cats sadly have no choice but to remain out in the elements.  So if you happen to see a stray cat wondering around in the cold, have a heart and do something about it.  There are many rescue groups around the country and surely you can find one in your area.  So give them a call if you see a cat out in the cold and they will help bring the animal to safety.

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