Cat Blinks: A Sign Your Cat Trusts You


The only way to certify that your cat trusts you to death is when it allows you to rub his belly (and purrs) as he takes a nap. And yes, this is one of the highest forms of flattery you can ever get from an independent and usually aloof animal. As you may already know, cats are usually indifferent and will only try to grab your attention when they’re hungry or if they require magical hand strokes. Anyway, human-and-cat communication isn’t just highlighted by noisy meows and gentle paw swipes: cats communicate in subtle ways. One of the most notable examples of which is through blinking.

The Significance of Blinks

Whenever your cat blinks at you, you should be honored: it means that your feline friend has taken a liking to you and you’ve gained its trust. You might have gone home one day to see Mr. Whiskers standing in front of the doormat, staring at you and blinking slowly. In feline language, blinks convey trust and is a sign that they are comfortable at your presence. Basically, it’s a way for Mr. Whiskers to say: “Human, I trust that you won’t do anything to hurt me.” It is also known as a “kitty kiss”. Though weird and kind of creepy, you should be proud of yourself if your cat does this to you.

Blinking Back

According to an article in National Geographic, cats see us as…well…different than them, but they don’t change their behavior: they treat us like how they treat other cats. Notice that they groom, rub their bodies, and make their backsides face our noses. This is typical cat interaction and behavior, although the meows are mainly exclusive to humans. This in turn brings us back to blinking: your cat’s inability to change its behavior is one of the reasons why it resorts to it to communicate affection. Since cats see us in this light, you’re free to blink back. It sends the same message and you may even elicit a response!

As a cat owner, it’s highly important to know the basic facets of cat behavior – not only the sweet side, but also the dangerous ones. More studies are needed in order to figure out cat behavior, but until then, enjoy as he blinks at you and purrs on your belly!

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