Cat Born With Paralysis is Determined to Walk Eventually


Buster is the kind of cat that simply does not know better. He was born with paralysis of his back legs, leaving him unable to walk or get around in the same way that other cats do all the time. This is something that Buster has known since day one, which means that he is not a cat that was able to walk and get around and now misses it. There is a thought process that you cannot miss what you never had, but Buster seems to be of the opposite mindset. He’s a cat that never knew how to walk with four legs or function in that manner, but he still seems to miss it. He’s just determined that he will learn to walk like all the other cats he knows.

Buster works tirelessly to learn to walk. He’s been working for months, undergoing many forms of cat therapy and learning to use the muscles in his back legs. His family and his vet think that if he is able to go ahead and learn to use these muscles with a variety of different therapeutic manners, he will then learn to walk at least somewhat. At the moment, the cat simply drags his back legs around with him, making him look adorable but not allowing him to feel particularly functional or very good. We hope that you can see a bit of the transformation that Buster’s therapies have already provided this darling cat, and see that sometimes miracles are entirely possible.

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