Cat Breed of the Day: The Persian


From Petfinder: Persian cats come in many colors and patterns. The various colors, along with the breed itself, have a long history of selective breeding. Breeders have worked long and hard to perfect each, and each breeder usually specializes in a few favorites. Within the divisions are a multitude of colors and patterns, adding up to more than 80 varieties. If you want your cats bouncing around like hyperactive popcorn, don’t buy a Persian. Persians are perfect companions, if you like placid, sweet-tempered cats. Don’t count on using your Persian pal as a furry doorstop, however. They love to play between periods of regal lounging on your favorite davenport. Proponents say that Persians do not deserve their ‘furniture with fur’ reputation, they are intelligent, just not as inquisitive as some breeds, and not as active.

If you’re lucky enough to own any kind of Persian cat please send in your pictures as we’d love to post them on the site.   Personally I find Persian cats to be a great breed to own.   Not to mention when they are kittens it’s simply adorable!  We decided to gather our own collection of cute Persian kitty pics for your enjoyment.  Be sure to click “next” at the bottom of each photo to view them all.  Enjoy the gallery!

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