The Best and Worst Cat Breeds for Catching Mice

When it comes to getting rid of rodents, most people consider getting a cat. There is little thought about the fact that some breeds are better at catching mice than others. Cats have built a great reputation for being the world’s best mousers. Although some excel at this type of hunting, there are cat breeds that could really care less about catching mice. What it boils down to, is that some cat breeds have a natural instinct that drives them to hunt rodents. Others spend hours training their young to properly hunt the furry creatures. If you’re in the market for a cat that will annihilate your mouse population, we’ve put together a list of the best cat breeds for catching mice, as well as an honorable mention for those who are not that great at the activity.

Persians – Great mousers

Persian cats are a favorite choice for owners who enjoy having an attractive cat around that has a luxurious coat. They have a reputation for lying around the houses as a living addition to the decor. These lounging beauties are deceiving. They may seem to be ambivalent to everything around them, but we dare you to turn a live mouse loose in front of them. These highly skilled mousers will hunt a rodent down and take care of business swiftly. Persians are well above average in their intelligence. Female Persian cats have a natural instinct to hunt mice and other small rodents that is quite strong. If you’re in the market for an attractive mouser, you may want to consider a female Persian cat.

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