Calico Cats

Baby calico cat

Did you know that “Calico” does not represent the breed of the cat but actually the color of it?  Many people think that since the cat is known for being a Calico then that must be its breed.  Well, that is Calico cats are one of the prettiest types of cats to own.  When Calico kittens are first born, their eyes are as blue as the sky.  You won’t believe some of the different patterns of their fur, either.  The different colors and patterns that you will see on a Calico cat can be changed even after birth.  Calicoes are different from Tortoiseshell cats because of the way their patterns of colors are arranged.  Calicoes have white for the base fur with orange and black spots.  Also, Calicoes can have a swirl of color on their side which is called a Rosette.  Tortoiseshell cats have an orange and black base with sporadic white spots.  Which cat would you choose based on the color pattern?

Calico cat

Since Calico is not the breed, then what is?  Well, there is actually a mix of breeds that can help make our furry friend known as the Calico.  The following breeds are mixed in to make a Calico:

American Shorthair
British Shorthair
Exotic Shorthair
Japanese Bobtail
Turkish Van

Calico cats sitting together

Calicoes are said to almost always be female cats.  The genetic determination that makes up the colors of the Calico cats fur is connected to the sex chromosome which causes the Calicoes to dominate the female gender.  How would you like to be the only male cat in your entire family of 10?  That must be frustrating when they all have to use the litter box to get ready to go out to eat!  If you have a large Calico cat family then you are actually in for some luck!  It is said that Calico cats are supposed to bring good luck to others.   In America they are often times called money cats.

Calico cat being lazy
If you want to get into more of the scientific details, then let’s talk about cloning.  If you don’t know what cloning is, it is basically the replication of another living thing.  If you were to clone a Calico cat, you would be unable to replicate its fur.  You would be inactivating one of the X chomorsomes which is what helps make the pattern and color of the Calicoes fur coats.  If you were to clone your pet, you would not get the result you were looking for.  The Calico’s X chromosome that would become missing in the cloning process is actually the key to what they would need to be completely duplicated.  Even though most Calicoes are female and females have two X chromosomes, there still might not be a place for cloning Calicoes in the future.  If you would like to have two Calico cats running around your house, your best bet is to simply buy them both from the pet store instead of having them cloned!


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