The Top 20 Cat Breeds for Families

Today we’ve decided to focus on family and as such we’ve compiled a list of our picks for the twenty top cat breeds for families, listed in alphabetical order. There are some wonderful breeds, but each for different reasons. Just like families, cat breeds are as individualistic as can be. But these are amazing cats which have very much to offer the families that will love them.


This breed is thought to have originated near to the Egyptian coast. The modern Abyssinian has its roots in Great Britain. They are prized for their unique fur coats, which have single hairs displaying alternating bands of light and dark pigmentation. Their popularity comes from their extroverted, intelligent, willful and playful personalities. They become attached to their owners which rivals that of dogs. For this reason, they can feel depressed if their owners do not spent time with them and share human contact. They are very dependent on the human relationships they share. They tend to play with their owners, and show a unique combination of curiosity and intelligence. They are active, with quiet voices. They are outgoing, with calm natures. They are very affectionate to their people and need to have a lot of affection in return. They do best in families which have plenty of time to share with them.

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