Cat Buyers on Craigslist Credited for Saving Cats Lives


Just the other week we reported on a horrible act that people are undertaking on sites like Craigslist.   Some cruel individuals are engaged in something called “dog flipping.” On social media sites like Craigslist, there are posts saying someone found a lost dog. What a dog flipper does is say that dog is theirs, then they turn right around and sell it. People are doing this with cats as well.

Finally something good came out of Craigslist today. According to the Nebraska Radio Network:

Craigslist customers are credited with saving a number of cats in poor health. Nebraska Humane Society’s Pam Wiese says they received calls from two Craigslist customers who responded to an ad listing cats for sale. She says they reported the cats were in poor condition and the smell in the home was overpowering. Wiese says animal control officers removed 20 cats from the home Wednesday afternoon. Many of them are suffering from skin issues and breathing problems. The animals are now at the shelter receiving medical care.

The owner of the cats, Roger Haynes was cited for animal cruelty and harboring too many animals. This is his second offense.  We don’t know what’s going to happen to Haynes but clearly we’re hoping he gets prosecuted and convicted to the full extent of the law.

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