Cat Cafe Closes for the Best Reason Ever

closed cat cafe

It’s always more than a little discouraging and sad to hear of a shelter, rescue or a cat cafe that closes down. It’s just one less place for animals that need a home, someone to care for them and shelter to go when they are in need. That’s why we hate to hear of the fact that a cat cafe had to close down. Michelle Furbacher (is her name not purr-fect for her job?) announced that she had to close the doors of her cat cafe recently, the world rejoiced. That’s right; you heard me. The world was happy to hear about it. Why? Because the cat cafe closed due to the fact that all the cats they have there were adopted and you cannot open a cat cafe without, well, cats.

This is a location that only fosters cats from a local SPCA in Vancouver, and they have a small problem that is not really a problem; they ran out of cats to foster recently, so they closed their doors. If ever there was a good reason not to open your doors, and it’s one that really does make us feel pretty good. Right now the catfe will be closed through the eighth of January so that they can find some more cats to put into the building and keep it stocked with fosters that locals can come in and adopt.

What a happy story to hear that all of the cats in their cafe have been adopted and sent to live with their forever homes. It’s a nice feeling for both the cats who now have their own homes and families to love, but also for the owner of this location since she is clearly running a very successful establishment if she is able to keep her animals out more than in.

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