Cat Cafe Threatens Kids Who Won’t Stop Tormenting the Animals

Cat Cafe

The first cat café in San Diego, California, which is also a coffee spot, opened on the 5th of this month.  The café is open to anyone who would like to spend some time playing with their adorable felines.  But lately the café has been experiencing a little trouble with some parents who let their kids torment the felines.

According to the cat café’s Facebook page post, Tony Wang, the café owner, went out to get some supplies needed for the café and upon his returned he saw kids that weren’t acting nice towards the cats.  Apparently, there were “children chasing the cats, tugging on tails, and being very loud.”

Wang is very upset with the kids and parents actions.  In fact, he said that “they will not tolerate, nor will I, anything that jeopardizes the welfare of the animals. The cafe works with the San Diego Humane Society, which is a popular organization that promotes animals’ welfare. He made his point clear that the cats in the café should be treated with respect.  He also added that he don’t want to hear any more incidents like this to happen in the future or else “he will have to rescind the ability for children to enter the cat playpen.”

The Cat Café in San Diego is very unique since they allow children to enter in the cat playpen unlike most cat cafes around the world.  But I totally understand if he will ban children from entering the cats playpen if they will only disrespect and hurt the felines.

Parents should also tell their kids not to disrespect the animals.  I mean, what kind of parents would let their kids hurt cats?  Okay, some people will say kids are kids.  But kids are also capable of behaving and play nice with animals if their parents thought them how to.  If parents tolerate their children’s bad behavior then they need to be ban from the cat café as well.

I sure hope that there will be no more incidents of kids mistreating the café’s felines because I don’t want other children, who knows how treat animals with respect, be banned from the playing with the felines.  The owner’s warning should be taken seriously especially by parents to teach their kids how to be gentle and respectful to animals.

Image via thecatcafesandiego/Instagram


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