Cat is Completely in Love With This Massage


With their often very active days, it seems like cats just won’t let up! Many of them are constantly running around the house or their designated room, jumping and climbing over things, entertaining others and/or are found grooming themselves often. Felines will find anything to play with in their vicinity, even finding entertainment in common household items. Much like us humans, sometimes a cat just needs a little rest and relaxation, and what better way to do that than a nice, delicious-feeling massage?! After all, there’s a good reason why cats just adore getting pet and rubbed!

In the video below, one very lucky kitty is caught on camera getting the rub down of its life, which the cat is completely in love with. The gray and white cat is seen sitting upon a man’s lap, with the man rubbing and massaging the relaxed feline. New Age music plays in the background, filling the video with a grand sense of zen. In the first few seconds, we see the man hold out the cat’s paws, as if the feline was going to meditate. Along with the music, the man starts to massage the cat around his neck and facial area. At one point, the music turns to that of angelic sounds and the cat raises its arms up at the sky – how appropriate! The man then starts working on the kitty’s ears and head area, making the cat close its eyes and appearing to be in a state of absolute bliss. The slightly over two-minute video continues as such, with the cat getting the most amazing massage of its life – some could even call it heavenly and divine!

Photo Source: YouTube

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