Cat Crying Being Stuck up a Utility Pole for 2 Days is Saved

Cat stuck up pole

A cat cried after she got stuck up on a utility pole for two days in Helena, Montana.  The feline climbed up the pole last Friday when dogs chased her.  Concerned residents in the neighborhood called for help and the Animal Control came but they couldn’t do anything without the help of NorthWestern Energy because the pole where the feline was stuck has some live wires attached to it.

Last Saturday the electric company sent their crew out and told the concerned residents that they would give the cat the chance to come down by itself until Monday before they would cut the power to rescue the animal, which discouraged some of the residents.  Bu by good luck, the utility company came back the next day and rescued the cat.

A crew of the local news stations came out to cover the cat’s story and they saw and witnessed the animal’s cry for help.  The feline is clearly distressed being trapped on top of the pole.  Her little cries touched the hearts of many people including Joyce Naeher, an animal lover, who said she couldn’t ignore the cat’s situation.

Around 10 in the morning on Sunday NorthWestern Energy stated that they’re making a plan on how to help the trapped kitty.  They proceeded with their plan carefully and took the safety precautions they needed for both the crew and the cat’s safety since they didn’t know how the feline would react during the rescue.  The crew used a bucket truck to rescue the cat and she was successfully back on the ground right after noon.  Once the feline was rescued Helena Animal Control Officer Jennifer Robinson snuggled the kitty.

Residents were so thankful and glad that the cat was rescued safely especially Ryilee Stratton, an eleven-year-old resident, who described the feline to be a friendly cat.  “That’s the only cat that really is nice to anybody and the other ones are kind of big and mean,” says Stratton.

Thanks to the Helene Animal Control, North Western Energy and to the concerned residents the cute cat was successfully rescued.  I’m very glad that the utility company changed their mind and rescued the cat sooner than later.

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