Cat Driven Under the Hood of a Car For Miles and Driver Didn’t Know

Curtis White had no idea that a kitten was in a car on a drive that lasted all the way from Cairo, GA to Tallahassee, FL. He also had no clue that the kitten was actually inside the hood of the vehicle while a woman was driving the car. Amazingly the kitten was lodged in the right side of the engine merely inches away from turning belts, fans, and many other parts that could have harmed him.

For 50 miles this little kitten endured the ride. It wasn’t until the woman driving the car stopped at a gas station and heard the kitten screaming that she knew something was wrong. When she took the car to the mechanic, Curtis White, low and behold he saw the kitten in the hood.

White says they scooped him out, gave him some “love, milk and sausage.” The kitten was estimated to only be several days old and amazingly was not badly injured. How did kitty get there in the first place? Chances are he was hiding as cats so often do. Good news is that the kitten will also be adopted!

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