Cat Dubbed the “Saddest” Finds a Home


When Tucker the cat’s pictures were posted on the internet a few months ago, they went viral.  You see this cat has a very sad looking face and she was dubbed the worlds “saddest” cat.  Due to genetic abnormalities this feline has a deformed face. Tucker was given to Purrfect Pals by her owner, who no longer could care for the animal.  This rescue good then set out to find a permeant home for the little kitty. While they knew it would be a tough job finding the right person to adopt Tucker, they were up for the challenge.

The group used the internet to lure in people that were potentially good matches for the cat.  But then the media groups started too picked up the story of this special needs kitty and she went viral.  People from around the world were reading about her story and many kind comments were coming into the shelter. After a few weeks of being famous, someone came forth that was a perfect match for this amazing feline.  Now the cat is in a loving home and she will always have the care she needs.  The group was super excited that they found a home for tucker and they thanked all of the media outlets that ran her story.

This attention has put special needs cats into the spotlight.  This positive attention will help many of these animals find the right homes.  Many people don’t realize just how many of these cats there are out there.  But hopefully now people well begin to consider adopting these animals. Special needs cats are not for everyone, but if you feel like you have the resources to help one of these animals live a comfortable life, and then by all means go for it.  They make very loving pets and will bring lots of joy into your home. Many of them can be found in shelters around the country and I am sure you can find one in your area.

I am really glad that Tucker found a home and now the group can take in another cat in need.  I like stories with happy endings, don’t you?

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