Cat is Expected to Recover after Being Found Burned

In Pittsburgh we’re sorry to share this heartbreaking and surprising story. In Union township it appears that a case is winding up to be an example of malicious mischief. An emaciated female cat is shown in our video above. This cat didn’t get that way out of nowhere. Her fur and skin have been badly scorched. Not to mention she’s thin as a rail.

But her temporary owner commends that cat for being so friendly. The cat had been recently wandering the neighborhood near where Bob Rowell lives with his therapy Pit Bull Sampson. Rowell took the cat to a local vet hospital. Vets determined that her injuries were obtained from something “dramatic” happening to her.

The cat’s been given a new name, “Hope” considering what she’s been through. Sources say Hope was strung up by the neck and set on fire. Despite her appearance and injuries the prognosis for the cat is good once she can regain her strength and weight.

So far no word on any leads to suspects who may have done this. We’re just glad Hope is going to be OK.

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