Cat Family Rescued From Deceased Owner’s Home Looking to Be Adopted


A family of frightened cats has been rescued from their Boston home after their elderly female owner passed away and the conditions in the home were extremely filthy and neglected. According to the RSPCA, an inspector went to the house only to discover Beatrix, a 15-year-old mother cat, and her 13 kitten litter being kept in a conservatory with litter boxes piled up all around them. Animal care volunteers who saw the cat family described them as “terrified, unsocialised and climbing the walls” and reveal that they are desperate to find good foster homes for them in the Lincoln area.

“They aren’t used to being around people and are very scared,” said Nikki Murphy, chair of RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln Branch. “The cats are in good health and weight but we do have to get them vet checked on Monday. There are a few concerns about one with a runny nose and a couple with sticky eyes but nothing serious from what we can see.”

Murphy explains that this number of cats brought in during one rescue is the first of its kind – it’s never happened before!

“The last we had anything like this was seven from one home last year and this is double the number,” she said. “The cats are all at a private boarding kennel as there are too many for our foster mum to take on. We are desperate for foster carers in the Lincoln area to take these on in their own homes to help socialise them.”

The litter, consisting of mostly black and white cats, will be gender checked and named this coming Monday.

The RSPCA are implementing a behavioral specialist to work with the felines, but can already state that the group would not be suited for homes with children and the house would need to be a quiet one.

If you or anyone you know can assist in helping re-home them, call Charlotte Childs on 07738 229183 or email: [email protected]

Image Source: Lincolnshire Echo

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