Cat Figures Out How to Use the Toilet like a Human All By Herself!


Some cats with a lot of training and time, can learn how to use the toilet just like us humans.  But the feline in this video had never had any formal training on the subject matter.  It all started when her owner noticed that someone in the family was not flushing the toilet and leaving urine behind.  They questioned each member of the household and no one would admit to not flushing after they had used the restroom.  Then something else started happening that made this cat owner very suspicious.  After cleaning the litter box one day, they noticed that it was cleaner than it should be.  This made the the pet owner think and they came up with the conclusion that the cat was using the toilet.  But how were they going to prove it?

After doing some thinking, the cat owner decided to place a hidden camera in the bathroom.  They pointed it right at the toilet and what they found will shock you.  When the video starts out you can see the cat coming into the bathroom.  After meowing a few times the feline jumps up onto the toilet and inspects it to see if it is clean or not.  The cat walked around on the lid, but for some reason decides to jump back down onto the floor.  Maybe the cat has heard someone coming.  But after a few seconds, the kitty jumps back onto the toilet and turns sideways.

After the cat is in a the right position she starts using the toilet.  This is really funny to watch and surely it shocked her owner.  You can hear the water splashing as the cat urinates and after she is done she simply jumps off and goes on her way.  As you can see she does not try to flush the toilet and this is how she got caught.  Maybe her owner can teach her how to flush the toilet and everything would be complete.  If you want to see this cat getting caught in the act of using the toilet, you can find the video right below this article.

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