Cat Who is Found Frozen to the Ground is Reunited with Family

Cat Found

The cat who was found frozen to the ground is now back with it family.  The feline and his family was reunited after the media picked up the story and made it on the news’ headlines.

Last Thursday afternoon the feline was found by a good samaritan named R.J. Poulter on Route 13, Old Chatham, New York.  Poulter was driving down the road when he spotted a grey fur poking out through the snow.  He then decided to check out what he saw and found out that it was a cat.  At first Poulter thought that the animal was dead but the feline was still breathing despite being frozen to the ground.  He plucked the kitty out of the snowy roadside and brought it to the Little Brook Farm animal rescue and sanctuary, where the kitty was warmed.

The cat showed signs that it has an owner including being well-fed, healthy, young and friendly.  The staff of the shelter took the kitty to the vet the following day and the vet confirmed that the animal was very lucky to have been rescued before the cold element could do any serious damage to him.

The frozen cat story was shared on social media by concern individuals and both local and national news covered it too.  The attention that the cat received made it possible for him to be found by his owner.  Apparently, one of the feline’s relatives saw the news and told the family about it, who happened to be looking for the animal since it disappeared on Thursday morning.  The kitty has been with his family for only six weeks. They believed that a child accidentally let the indoor cat get out of the house.  The cat managed to walk more than two miles away from home before he got stuck in the snow.

The owner of the cat is so thankful to have been reunited with their beloved pet.  In fact, they left a gift basket at the Little Brook Farm’s porch last Saturday which was also Valentine’s day.

I am glad that the cat was found and rescued by good hearted person.  It’s also good to know that the kitty is back home and enjoying his family again.

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