Cat Gets Rescued by Monster Vac after Being Stuck in Furnace Ducts

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Being a cat owner, we all know that cats can squeeze into places we’d never think they squeeze into. But it’s not often you hear a story like this one.  It turns out that a cat was actually roaming around in the air ducts of its home and had to have a professional company get it out.

A cat that had been stuck in a home’s air ducts for two days was rescued Wednesday, according to an employee at Monster Vac in Englewood.  The owners called the fire department and they were referred to Monster Vac. The Monster Vac technicians took photos of the process they had to go through to free the cat.  That process included cutting through a wall to get into the ducts.

They were able to get the cat out alive and it appeared to be in good condition. We don’t have a status on the cat right now but all signs are pointing to a healthy recovery.

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