A Cat is Given his Own University Library Card

Library  cat

For many students having a library card is a must.  A library card will give us access to use the library and other services they provide.  Typically library cards are only issued to humans, but one university in Scotland, the Edinburgh University, has given a cat his own library card.

Yes, you read it right!  A cat named Jordan, who is owned by Dominica friars, got his own library card for Edinburgh University Library.  The feline was reported to have a daily routine of leaving the University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy and makes his journey across George Square and spend most of the day at the library.

The kitty’s library is complete with its photo and will expire in 2017.  Jordan is popular with the university students.  In fact, they set up a Facebook page for him and since then the page has earned more than 6,000 likes.

The 8-year-old black and white cat was adopted by the friars when he was just a kitten.  But he prefers to spend his day outside the chaplaincy with young and hyped students—inside the library.

Jordan loves the attention he is getting from students all over the globe that are attending the university.  At the library the cat also has a favorite chair, which is turquoise in color and is placed by the door.  It seems that both the feline and the students are enjoying each other’s company.  In fact, it’s common to see students petting this adorable cat.  The cat also helps the students relax before their exams and makes international students feel at home while they are away from their family.

The Supervisor of the Library’s Help Desk, Caroline Stirling said: “He is really popular. He has been coming in for at least a year.  External users can use the library – he has his own reference card. Someone at the helpdesk made up the card with a photo.”

Jordan goes back to the chaplaincy only to eat the major meal of the day.  According to Father Dermott Martin the feline ignores them when he sees them in the square.  “He ignores us indoors as well unless he wants feeding.”

Jordan is one lucky cat and I’m glad that his presence is helping the students in good ways.  I hope this heartwarming story has put a smile on your face.

Image via news.stv.tv

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