Cat Having a Great Time in the Snow Until He Notices What’s Peeking Out

Cat in snow fight

When it comes to being allusive, felines seem to have the special ability to hide in plain sight.  You will find a great example of that allusiveness in the video below. While it seems that the cat in the video is having a great time playing in the snow, something is about to happen that will change all of that.

The video starts out normal, as the kitty is walking around and enjoying being outside.  But as the cat walks towards something sticking out of the snow, something leaps out at the animal.  This exciting moment is really fun to watch!  I bet you too will really love watching this part of the video.

As you will see, another cat has buried itself in the snow, with only its head poking out.  When the first cat walks by, the other jumps out and attacks the other animal.  While this was only done in fun, the first feline doesn’t seem to enjoy being part of the joke.  This kitty seems to get mad at the hiding cat and they have a small fight, but make up before the video ends.

This is really funny and the two cats seem to wrestle in the snow, as their owner is videoing the pair.  A very sweet and cute video, it has gotten a whole lot of attention over the past few months and has reached almost 10 million hits on YouTube.  So it seems I am not the only one that simply loves watching it.

While it’s not very long, it does bring a smile to your face.  This is the perfect video for those who love to watch kitty’s play.  It looks really cold outside, with all of that snow on the ground, but these two felines are simply loving it.  I wonder if they do this every winter?

So if you are cat lover like I am, you have to check out the video before you move on with your day.  If you have a friend who likes cats as well, send it to them so they too can enjoy it too.

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