Cat Hiding in Box Spring sold on Craigslist found 10 days later

Camo the cat

Cats are fascinated with boxes. Most felines will play inside a box most of the day if you let them. Some kitties also like to hide under boxes. Today I’m going to share a story about a cat’s 10 days journey because of hiding inside a box spring.

Hayley Crews has cat named Camo, who loves to hide under the box spring. Crews and her boyfriend, Roy Dufek are preparing to move in to a new apartment together. So Hayley decided to sell her bed via Craigslist. According to Crews, she taped the box spring to prevent Camo from hiding inside. But she removed the tape before selling the bed. Somehow the feline learned that his hiding place was once again open and went inside once again. So when the buyer came and got the bed, nobody knew that Camo was inside.

Crews noticed that her cat is missing. She looked everywhere but she couldn’t find Camo. A lot of people gave tips on where might Camo be but all led to a dead end and different cats that were also lost. Then Crews thought about the box spring. So she contacted the person who bought her bed, who happened to live five miles away from her apartment.

Luckily, the Craigslist buyer understands the situation and allowed Crews and Dufek to look for Camo at his place, but there was no sign of the feline’s presence. Even though they didn’t find Camo during their search, Crews didn’t lose hope. She set up a trap near the bed buyer’s home with her clothing with her scent and Camo’s favorite food, sardines in oil, hoping that it lure the cat out. Last Saturday, the trap finally worked when Crews found Camo inside. The couple described the feline to be “scared and hissy” the time they found it. The cat also lost 2 pounds and sustained minor injuries such as a few bruises and bumps, and torn up paws. After a trip to the vet, Camo, the stowaway cat is recovering from his injuries.

It’s good to know that this story ended happily. I can’t imagine how worried Crews and Dufek were. I bet Camo will hesitate to hide inside a box spring after his not so nice ten-day journey.

Image via Roy Dufek

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