Cat Hoarder in Arizona is Facing Animal Cruelty Charges


Can you imagine seeing nearly 80 cats all under the same roof at a given time? No, we didn’t think so. Now imagine having the same number of cats living in your modest home. Even having that amount of cats in a mansion seems like it wouldn’t be very comfortable! One Arizona woman can say that she had that exact amount of felines living in her home – and not in a good circumstance. The accused cat hoarder is now facing charges of animal cruelty after 79 cats were found in her Gilbert, Arizona home and in extremely filthy conditions.

Jean Whitaker’s home had been foreclosed and sold at an auction. Police were then prompted to investigate after the new owners discovered dozens and dozens of cats inside Whitaker’s former house. A cleaning crew stopped by the home the day after. The kittens were picked up and taken to¬†¬†Maricopa Animal Care and Control West Valley Animal Care Center, where they are currently.

“The conditions were not good. The cats are not social at all. They are very scared,” said Melissa Gable, who is with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. “They’ve been through a lot so we are giving them some quiet time to let them relax and chill out.”

While neighbors revealed that Whitaker thought she was taking good care of the cats, it couldn’t be further from the truth. One cat, a two-week-old kitten, is fighting for its life. Another is in such bad shape, it needs to be euthanized. Luckily, the shelter is working in order to get some of the cats adopted by those cat lovers who are ready to work with the felines. Maricopa Animal Care and Control is planning to get some of the cats adopted this week.

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