Cat Hospital Adopts a 37 Pound Cat


With all of their running and jumping around on a regular basis, most cats get their fair share of exercise on the daily.Sometimes though, some cats tend to be less active than others and may even eat more than they really should, causing them to be a bit overweight – or, in extreme cases, obese. Obesity in cats can be a problem, even though it isn’t very common. However, if a cat is obese, something needs to be done to help lower their weight, otherwise there can be major complications, and can even result in death. An obese cat named Biggie knows how that is; the feline has been adopted by a cat hospital in Riverside, California where he will be getting the help he needs to lose weight and improve his overall health.

Hugely overweight at 37 pounds, the kitty was taken in by the Riverside Cat Hospital in California after his owner felt that they could no longer care for him, even considering euthanasia. News of this made the rounds and that’s when Riverside decided to take in and adopt the feline.

Writing on Facebook, the hospital explained: “Biggie has joined the Riverside Cat Hospital family. He was admitted due to severe constipation that could require surgery. He would be high risk because of his enormous weight of 37 lbs. We are welcoming warm wishes for this lovable cat! He’s so sweet and isn’t he adorable!? If all goes well with his treatment, we will put him on a weight management plan so that we can reduce his health risks.”

Dr. Nichole Agarwal, a vet at Riverside, has said, “This is the heaviest cat I have seen by far in my 10 year veterinary career.”

Riverside Cat Hospital will be working to do their best in helping Biggie adjust as well as regain his health. The hospital is also documenting the feline’s progress on their Facebook page.

(Photo Source: Riverside Cat Hospital Facebook)

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