A Cat “Hypnotizing” a Dog Always Makes Your Day Better

Cat massage

In the video below, you will find something very funny going on between this dog and cat.  It seems the feline in this clip is trying to hypnotise the dog that it is sitting on top of.  But what makes this video super funny is the person who is filming it.

You see, the owner of the this pair of animals has put his own spin on what is happening in the video.  With a Brithish accent, the guy is saying some really funny things that will make you really laugh out loud.  One of the things that he says which seems to be from the cats prepective is “ You are going to give me all of your biscuits”.  I really don’t think that will ever happen but the dog does seem to be enjoying the massage that the cat is giving.  The dog seems so relaxed that it just might have fallen under the spell of this very clever feline.  But whatever the case may be, this video is truly a joy to watch.

There is just something so funny about the idea of a cat trying to hypotize a dog.  I think that the owner has a very big imgination but he was able to pull off this video very well.  I bet we will be seeing more of these two animals in the near future. I wonder if they will be as popular as some of the other famous YouTube animals such as Grumpy Cat?

This cute video proves that cats and dogs can get along and it seems that this pair really do love one another.  While its not clear if they do this act very often, I am glad that the owner got it on film so that we could all enjoy it.

The video which is short really is fun to watch.  So before you click out off of this page make sure to take a look at it for yourself.  You will probably want to be prepared because you will definitly be cracking up. So what are you waiting for, go check out this clip!


Image via YouTube.com

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