Cat Jumps To New Heights in Slow Motion Video


“The average cat is 1 [foot], so that’s about 5 feet. Cats have the ability to jump 5 times their own height,” the video states as a precursor. If that isn’t an amazing introduction to what you’re about to see, I don’t know what is! The video, entitled “Nothing Can Rival the Jumping Cat 2,” shows a persistent cat staring up at a toy mouse dangling from a beam nearly as tall as the ceiling. Starting from 6 feet 5.5 inches, each scene takes the beam even higher, starting from 6 feet 6 inches and only going up, finally settling on 6 feet 6.7. The entire time, the cat jumps in such slow motion over and over… and over again. At one point the video shows a black and white montage of the cat first touching the toy mouse as well as running and jumping everywhere. Needless to say the cat was able to knock the toy mouse off the beam time and time again.

While the feline didn’t beat the 7 foot jump just yet (it was able to go up to 6.6 feet), it’s still ridiculously impressive to see a cat jump higher than the height of your average male basketball player – just call it the Michael Jordan of the cat world! Talk about animal instincts.

In the video below, watch the glorious, nearly-three minute video of a very determined cat who soars – er, jumps – to new heights! Set to the music of Oasis’ “Whatever,” the footage and words go swimmingly together.

Photo Source: YouTube 

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