Cat Leads A Blind Dog On A Lovely Walk

cat and blind dog

We know that there are service dogs all over the world that are trained and taught to guide the blind. They are lovingly referred to by many as seeing-eye dogs, and they are the kind of animal that just make life so much easier for those who want to live their lives as independently as possible but might not be able to without vision. We also know that there are plenty of blind dogs and cats in the world, and they rely so much on our help to get around and to be comfortable at home on a regular basis. We love animals over here, and that’s why we love this video. This video shows the world that being different is not a big deal, and that being two different animals is also not a big deal.

People like to think that cats and dogs cannot get along, but we know that they can. We also know that they can be kind to one another, and be the best of friends. This little dog is not able to see. He is blind, but he loves to go on walks. Because his cat friend loves him so, she guides her blind dog along so that he can enjoy the freedom of a walk without the worry that something horrible will happen to him because he does not see it coming. We show you happy and adorable and hilarious videos all the time, but this is a video that is simply touching. We knew you’d love it.  

This dog is blind. Watch what the cat does. Follow – Awesome Animal Lovers

Posted by Awesome Animal Lovers on Monday, March 7, 2016

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