This Cat Does Not Like To Share Yogurt


Cats aren’t always the best about sharing their things with others. When it comes to toys, yarn, people and especially their food, felines can be greedy and stingy with what’s theirs – or even what they consider to be theirs. They’re definitely not known for their generosity or diplomacy, that’s for sure! Cats can definitely learn a thing or two about sharing, as being selfish can be quite off-putting, no matter just how cute you are. If a cat does not like to share yogurt, they definitely fall into that category.

A user named impossiblefrontflip posted a video on YouTube recently that is going viral ¬†of a cat named Dice who is supposed to be sharing a container of yogurt with a friend. The video is entitled “Cat being a Jerk – This is My Yogurt,” but calling the cat a jerk is a bit of an understatement. The aforementioned cat is quite the selfish little feline, barely letting its companion take more than a lick of plain, non-fat yogurt before snagging it away. How rude, Dice!

Watch the video below to Dice hog the yogurt from a grey and black cat. While it sounds mean, it is pretty funny to see the white and black feline allow the other kitty to get a lick or two in before swatting the yogurt container away to get it back for itself. We know that cats can often be jerky, but this feline takes it to another level. Talk about a catty kitty! Didn’t you ever hear that sharing is caring?!

Photo Source: YouTube 

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